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September 20th, 2023
Transit app: Get bus directions, easily

Transit is the smartphone app we recommend for getting JTRAN bus times. It makes it easy as pie to get around Jackson—and for JTRAN riders, it’s free. Transit works using your phone’s GPS in combination with JTRAN’s real-time data, delivering exactly the information you need, when you need it.

How to use the Transit app

Download the Transit app

(Don’t worry—if you prefer another website or app, such as Google Maps, JTRAN will be visible there too. But the Transit app takes the cake.)

So, what exactly can the Transit app do for you?

Find out when the next bus is coming

If you’re staring at a bus schedule, chances are you only need to know one number: How many minutes till the next bus comes to my stop? You don’t want to read a giant timetable. You don’t want to cross-reference maps. You don’t want to do math. You just need to know the next bus time for the nearest stop.

This is what Transit will tells you when you open the app. No need to enter any special information.

Get detailed directions

Maybe you want more detailed directions: Which bus should you take to get to work? How do you get to the stop? When should you leave?

We call this “trip planning”, and the Transit app makes it simple. Just enter where you’re headed, and it takes care of the rest. The app will even hold your hand through the entire journey, telling you when to walk to the stop, get on the bus, get off, and how to walk to your destination.

You can even save frequent destinations with a single tap—like home, work, school, or a friend’s house—to get directions even faster.

Get alerts, avoid surprises.

Say there’s road construction that forces buses to detour. JTRAN will push out “service alerts” to notify riders. The Transit app will give you these alerts when they happen, so you’re not left wondering.

The Transit app: a better app for transit

Overall, the transit app gives you bus times, directions, and rider alerts, to make taking JTRAN easier and more convenient. But don’t take our word for it—try it yourself!

How to use the Transit app

Download the Transit app