JTRAN service is not available on Sundays, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.



    Ages 18-59


    One-way Fare


    1-Day Pass


    7-Day Pass


    30-Day Pass


    Seniors age 60+, youth ages 6-17, Medicare cardholders, people with disabilities (ID required)


    One-way Fare


    1-Day Pass


    7-Day Pass


    30-Day Pass

    Where and how to pay

    On buses

    One-Way Fares and Day Passes are available for purchase on board buses. Cash only. Change Card provided for change.

    At JTRAN offices

    All types of Passes are available for purchase at the JTRAN Main Office and the JTRAN Customer Service Office. Cash only, no bills over $20.

    JTRAN Main Office
    1785 Hwy 80 W, Jackson, MS 39204

    JTRAN Customer Service Office
    Union Station, 300 W Capitol St, Jackson, MS 39207


    Transfers are free and valid for a maximum of 1 hour and 15 minutes after issued.

    • How to use fare machines on buses
      Using cash
      • Coins are accepted.
      • Insert bills flat, one at a time.
      Using passes
      • Insert (dip) Day, Week, and Month passes for their first use. Swipe thereafter.
      • For all other pass types including One-Way Fares, swipe only. No dip required.
    • Bulk discounts

      Bulk discounts are available for Day, Week, and Month Passes. Call us at 601-952-1000 for more information.


      Discount for 100 – 250 passes


      Discount for 251 – 500 passes


      Discount for more than 500 passes

    News and events

    How to ride

    • Watch the Video
    • How to use the bike racks on buses

      Each JTRAN bus has three bike racks available on a first come, first served basis.

      Load your Bike
      1 Hold the rack handles. Push in the rack slightly to unlock and release the rack. Lower the rack.
      2 Raise your bike onto the rack closest to the bus. Put the front tire where it says “front tire”.
      3 Pull the support arm up over your bike’s front tire. Release and let it sit on top of the tire.
      Unload your Bike
      1 Tell the driver that you’re removing your bike. Exit the bus from the front door.
      2 Raise the support arm and set it down. Remove your bike toward the curb side.
      3 If there are no other bikes, lift the rack up to the locked position.