Upgrades are coming to JTRAN

Find out how JTRAN is stepping up Jackson’s bus service in 2023 and 2024, from better bus routes to a new rider experience.

We’ve already launched a new website, more accessible buses, and a partnership with the Transit app. In 2024, you can expect redesigned bus routes and high-visibility signs at every stop. All upgrades are based on what we heard from you during the ConnectJXN Transit Plan. Refer to the links below and FAQ for more information.


Find what you need faster on the new website. Our redesigned website at ridejtran.com provides you with clearer, more accessible information.

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Transit app

Get better bus directions. The Transit app makes it easy to get around Jackson by bus. And for JTRAN riders, it’s free.

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Bus features

We’re rolling out annunciators on buses that call out the next stop, as well as wifi, to make JTRAN more accessible to more people.

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Signs (2024)

In 2024, new high-visibility signs will be unveiled at all bus stops. More information is available in the FAQ.

Redesigned routes (2024)

In 2024, JTRAN will launch fully redesigned routes. Learn how and why the routes are changing.

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Schedules (2024)

The new routes coming in 2024 will also have new schedules that are easier to read.

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  • I heard JTRAN is stepping up Jackson’s bus service. What’s changing?

    A lot. Improvements are coming to nearly all aspects of JTRAN service, including its route alignments, stops, schedules, and technology. These changes are necessary to improve the safety, reliability, and effectiveness of JTRAN bus service.

    Better routes

    • Straighter, more direct paths to major destinations result in quicker trips that are easier for riders to understand.
    • Fewer turns increases the ability for the bus to stay on schedule.

    Better stops

    • Over 650 new bus stop signs are being installed along with several new shelters.
    • The new bus stop signs are highly visible and placed in locations that make it safer to board or alight the bus.

    Better schedules

    • New schedules will improve reliability and on-time performance.
    • All routes and stops will be served at least once per hour, providing greater flexibility to all riders when planning a trip. There will be no more gaps in service throughout the day.

    Better technology

    • JTRAN’s new schedules, stop locations, service alerts, and real-time bus information will be available on the free Transit app for your phone (download here).
    • On-board wifi and announcements of major bus stops.
  • When will the changes take place?

    JTRAN expects to launch the new bus service early in 2024. Please check back on this website for future updates.

    Some improvements have already happened and others will continue through the beginning of 2024. These improvements include new bus stop signs, the new ridejtran.com website, the Transit app, real-time bus arrival information, free onboard wifi, and automated stop announcements in buses.

  • Why are JTRAN bus routes changing?

    Over time, many of Jackson’s neighborhoods and destinations have changed, resulting in less useful bus service. To address these changes, the City of Jackson conducted a study to identify improvements to JTRAN to make it easier and faster to reach jobs, services, and shopping destinations. The changes you will be seeing over the next few months are the result of this effort and are based on input from JTRAN riders, community members, and stakeholders.

    More information about the ConnectJXN Transit Plan

  • Why are route numbers changing?

    Many of JTRAN’s routes are changing significantly. Routes were assigned a new number and name in order to avoid confusion with existing routes.

    We are developing a tool to explain how routes are changing, which will appear on ridejtran.com in the fall of 2023, before route changes go into effect in 2024. This will explain what your old and new route numbers will be.

    The new route numbers are also designed to help riders navigate the system and make transfers easier to understand. For example, routes ending in “0”, such as 10, 20, or 40, serve Union Station on the hour (e.g., 9:00 a.m., 4:00 p.m.). Routes ending in”5”, such as 15, 25, or 35, serve Union Station on the 0:15 or 0:45 of the hour (e.g., 9:15 a.m., 4:45 p.m.).

  • In 2024, if the routes are changing, are the bus stops changing as well?

    Yes, in some cases, the location of where you get on or off the bus will change. These changes are due to safety or routing of the bus.

    We are developing a tool to explain how routes are changing, which will appear on ridejtran.com in the fall of 2023, before route changes go into effect in 2024.

    In 2024 when route changes go into effect, riders must get on and off the bus at designated stops. At that time, riders will no longer be permitted to wave down a bus.

  • In 2024, why can I no longer wave down the bus to be picked up?

    In 2024, when the new bus routes begin service, riders will only be able to get on or off the bus at a stop with a sign. They will no longer be allowed to wave down the bus or tell drivers to stop at locations without a sign.

    This is for the safety of riders, bus drivers, and motorists. It will also help drivers keep the bus on time.

  • I am seeing new bus stop signs around town, but they have bags on them. What does that mean?

    These signs mark the new JTRAN bus stops. In preparation for the new bus routes, crews are removing existing bus stop signs and installing the new signs. The new signs will be temporarily covered until the new routes begin service in 2024. JTRAN riders are advised to continue using their normal bus stop location during this transition period, even if a sign is not present. If you need help remembering where to find your stop, the Transit app and ridejtran.com website will always have current route and stop information showing.

    When the new routes launch in 2024, all riders must get on or off the bus at the new bus stops, which will no longer have bags covering them.

  • Will I have to pay more to ride?

    No, fares and fare policies are not changing for JTRAN’s bus or paratransit services.

    More information on fares

  • How do I use the new Transit app?
  • I heard that there is free wifi on all buses. How do I use it?

    All buses now have free wifi. When on board, select JTRAN’s wifi network, which will be called XXXX.

  • Is JTRAN’s Paratransit service changing?

    Paratransit service will be restricted to destinations within ¾ mile of a JTRAN fixed-route bus service.