Paratransit eligibility certification

The information obtained in the certification process will only be used by JTRAN Paratransit service for the provision of transportation services. Information will only be shared with other transit providers to facilitate travel in those areas. The information will not be provided to any other person or agencies without the consent of the applicant.

Anyone who is permanently or temporarily mobility impaired, generally defined as a person of any age who is functionally unable to use the regularly scheduled fixed route system for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Unable to utilize a regular public transit bus. (“Unable” means that performing the function is absolutely impossible or causes severe, continuing pain; it does not mean discomfort or occasional pain).
  • Unable to walk from place of origin or destination to the nearest bus stop.
  • Unable to utilize a regular public transit bus to reach a source of life sustaining activities.

The following information will be used to ensure an appropriate vehicle is utilized to provide your transportation and that accurate analysis of your trip request can be made by JTRAN Paratransit service. Please be sure to attach a copy of your picture identification with this application.

Hand-deliver, mail, email or fax to:
City of Jackson Administrative Office
1785 Highway 80 West
Jackson, MS 39201
Fax: 601-326-5416

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