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January 22nd, 2024
Coming March 4, 2024: Redesigned bus routes citywide

We want to remind you about upgrades that are happening on March 4, 2024—big upgrades. JTRAN will launch redesigned routes citywide. This means:

Simpler service

  • No more complicated schedules: most buses come every hour at the same time (see future schedules)
  • More buses on Saturdays
  • Straighter, faster routes

Get where you need to go

  • Direct routes to County Line Road from downtown every 30 minutes
  • Direct route between Union Station, Medical Mall, UMCC, and VA
  • At least one grocery store on each route

Straightforward connections

  • More trips are possible without transferring
  • All routes connect at Union Station
  • Four routes connect at South Jackson Walmart

What will the redesigned bus routes look like?